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Geoff King

CEO Love Fort Wayne

Chuck Surack

Board Chair Love Fort Wayne, Founder & CEO of Surack Family Foundation

Rob Wallstrom

Board Vice Chair; CEO of Vera Bradley

Sherri Miller

Founder & CEO of Center for Extraordinary Success

Mitch Kruse

Author, Founder of Restoration Road

Mike Packnett

President & CEO of Parkview Health

Larry Lance

President & Founder TripleLGuide LLC

Kelly Byrd

CEO/Executive Team Growth Specialist

Lori Whitman

COO Love Fort Wayne; Spiritual Dev. Coordinator Parkview Health

Donovan Coley

CEO of The Rescue Mission Fort Wayne

Iric Headly

Executive Director of Fort Wayne United

Brenda Gerber Vincent

Chief Impact Officer Greater Fort Wayne, INC

Mark Dely

Chief Legal Administration Officer, Vera Bradley

Mark Robison

Chairman & President, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Javier Mondragon

Founder / CEO, Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministry Center

Dr. Mark Daniel

Fort Wayne Community Schools Superintendent

In Fort Wayne, God is speaking loud and clear. He’s divinely bringing a unity and a community spirit that we have not seen before. We’ve been watching Him pull it all together for years–and we know that now is the time.

Lori WhitmanSpiritual Development Coordinator at Parkview Health

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